Sunday, April 19, 2009

To Boldly Go...

capt-kirk_motivationImage by Tom Huesing via Flickr

I take for granted the luxury and ease of accessibility that living close to and working in the capital provides. Being a short distance from many major chains and stores has it's advantages. Also wireless and data connection coverage available provides a gateway to what's happening around the World. Today we were to boldly go where 3G is not widely available...

Our journey took us to East Sussex - a short distance from Hastings - and thankfully I used Google Maps before we left to get directions as there was limited connectivity in the area. It's been a while since we last visited my extended family, it's currently lambing season so it's a busy time of year so we were grateful for the invitation.

We enjoyed the experience, most notably the lambs and kids which were in the stable together. We didn't get to see any lambs/kids being born but I feel that would have been too intense for the children who were happy to see them just jumping around the stable!

My son just like the last time we visited was really excitable and found it difficult to contain his enthusiasm. We shared stories and it's clear that living on a farm is a completely different experience to what we're used to at home. For instance even the dogs work, with each having specific duties around the farm. The children loved the dogs and it was difficult leaving as my son clearly could have thrown sticks until dawn. A really enjoyable day and will definitely make sure to visit again in the next few weeks!

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