Friday, April 24, 2009

Why Are You Doing?

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT?Image by nolifebeforecoffee via Flickr

Another productive week reaches it's conclusion, consigned to the archives so to unwind I joined some colleagues at a local bar. The usual topics were discussed and Twitter then took centre stage.

I had briefly checked Tweetie to view replies and trending topics and they questioned the validity of what the service offered.

How do you define a service that provides 140 characters and asks 'what are you doing?' I'm regarded as the person to contact regarding social media and networking related queries in my office. I suppose that's valid considering the amount of coverage they receive on my blog, social networks and also when I showcase the potential of data consumption, transparency and the real-time web.

Usually I'm able to quickly respond and acknowledge the perception of the service and provide examples of the benefits to be gained. Here though was my managing director, a person that understands value, providing a service and obviously how to run a successful business.

The microblogging service was viewed as narcissistic, why the constant need to update status? The perception being that there wasn't enough engagement that could be obtained from short messaging. A valid argument but irrelevant when you consider the popularity of the Short Message Service (SMS) which is a communication service standardized in the GSM mobile communication system.

When asked about the usability provided by the service; I responded by detailing transparency
; the ability to follow web services, trends and search; the ability to communicate with peers and that the service could potentially replace my feed reader. There is a learn involved with Twitter but there are so many benefits to be gained. They're slowly realising the potential and with the press coverage and exposure they are beginning to embrace the concept as it becomes a mainstream source of communication.

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