Friday, April 10, 2009

Why Can't You Tell Me...

Indy helps out with the egg hunt... [p52 w8]Image by Don Solo via Flickr

The best-laid plans with children can always go awry, even more so when making arrangements with others and today that was exactly what happened. Frustrating as had I known that their mother was going to change the plans I would have made sure I had organised an activity for the weekend.

Last year we had an Easter Egg hunt and also went to Battersea Park Children's Zoo which were both enjoyable so it was disappointing not to have arrangements. The unpredictable weather is also a factor as it's difficult to make any last minute arrangements!

This year I have found there to be a shortage of decent places to purchase Easter Eggs. Usually Woolworths provided the ideal outlet but due to the economic downturn they're no longer with us. Not that the children are concerned as they appear far more interested in the contents of a different variety of egg. That's right, plastic! Inside these Egg is a small alien, I'm seriously out of touch...
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