Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Surprise

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Sunday I mentioned trends and how I felt that Friendfeed should introduce the feature as they provide a powerful tool for searching popular words and phrases on the real-time web. I wasn't very active online over the weekend so trending topics and Louis Gray's shared items on Google Reader were my primary source for information.

Quite a weekend for Twitter as StalkDaily and Mikeyy worms filtered through the service causing disruption. Mashable have emphasized that the Mikeyy attack is more a nuisance than malicious.
A computer worm is a self-replicating computer program sometimes introduced by folks with malicious intent to do some harm to a network.
These exploits remind me of the issues that constantly affected MySpace when I was a user and was a factor in my decision to eventually deactivate my account. An update on the Twitter blog informs that they have fought off four attacks of the Mikeyy worm and removed over 10,000 tweets that could have continued to spread the worm.
We are still reviewing all the details, cleaning up, and we remain on alert. Every time we battle an attack, we evaluate our web coding practices to learn how we can do better to prevent them in the future. We will conduct a full review of the weekend activities. Everything from how it happened, how we reacted, and preventative measures will be covered
Another trending topic [#amazonfail] creating a lot of backlash is Amazon’s removal from its sales rankings of gay or lesbian books it considered “adult” in nature. It doesn't seem clear at the moment why Amazon have reclassified the novels but failure to address the matter is proving to be a hot topic at the moment.

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