Friday, August 06, 2010

Bar Work

Cocktail Twenty Five CentsImage by Jeremy Brooks via Flickr
It's hard to determine the origins of a phrase; bite the bullet - accept the inevitable impending hardship and endure the resulting pain with fortitude. According to sources 'acceptance' is supposed to be the last stage in any given process. Accepting the inevitable - I have volunteered to work at the bar.

I'm hoping the experience will be useful for September. I'm not expecting the work to be too difficult, back through the systems with the riff-raff again!! I will receive thorough training Tuesday evening, basically whilst on holiday I hope to provide adequate cover. I got the impression that I was considered backup, worse case scenario! Maybe I won't be needed but it's an option, I haven't worked since March and need something. At least in university, I'll be surrounded by the poor-kids, struggling with money, student finance and for many this will be their first time away from home. Will this be third time lucky for me?! The intention is to move to Camden Town but as I have learnt, nothing is ever straight forward!

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