Friday, August 13, 2010

Shooting Stars

Perseid meteor shower in Austin Texas.Image via WikipediaIf you see a shooting star you're supposed to make a wish, right? I saw three last night, does that then become like the magpie rhyme; one for sorrow, two for joy.. The shooting stars were actually Perseid meteors! The meteor display, visible every August, is known as the Perseid shower because it appears to radiate from the constellation Perseus in the northeastern sky. Also flying across the sky last night was my partner, heading to Zante with her friends for a fortnight, dressed in a cow playsuit! I'm slightly jealous, actually I'm very jealous, not about the cow playsuit but because I missed out on the chance to enjoy a holiday with friends when I was eighteen. We even booked a fortnight in Ayia Napa, Cyprus but that was destined to fail because we weren't really financially committed to the holiday. She has admitted that she had doubts, she departs for university soon and that's the main factor. I advised her that not going on holiday then was one of my biggest regrets. Focusing back on the meteors again, I hope that she enjoys her holiday, receives the A Level results she needs and that no volcanoes errupt!

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