Monday, August 30, 2010

Feeling Blue...

The SmurfsImage via WikipediaThe date when I leave for University is approaching, the city that my partner will choose to commit to higher education still remains undecided. She has always made it clear that her intention was to create her own destiny and to be sure. Liverpool was her preferred choice, unfortunately that didn't materialise but Leeds and Manchester are being considered. I didn't want to be idle after her holiday, the intention to have several nights out in case she commits to higher education at a different destination. Tonight represented the birthday of her work colleague, everyone was to meet in Greenwich and then head to The Venue, New Cross. I wasn't too sure about The Venue, after the last experience, although Greenwich was appealing. We arrived after taking the scenic route; twenty minutes in the wrong direction before realising we had reached Deptford! Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more.. After being introduced to her friends, admiring the seating arrangements and working through a variety of pitchers and a bottle of vino, the tattoos became a discussion point and music interests. I don't mind talking about music but the tattoos always make an appearance when alcohol is consumed. I'm not an exhibitionist, well at least when sober! The Venue beckoned but we were feeling blue and opted for Sildenafil citrate, I expected more but it didn't let down (excuse the pun). I wouldn't advise for the opposite sex as my partner became Forrest Gump and just felt like running. That could be taken the wrong way, right?!
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