Friday, August 27, 2010

Call A Vet...

The Cat's WhiskersImage by incurable_hippie via FlickrAbsence makes the heart grow fonder, driving to the airport to meet my partner this morning mine was pounding. I have spoken to her regularly whilst she's been in Zante, receiving updates on nights out, bar dancing, henna tattoos, cow suits and occasionally her falling asleep. I envy her because it sounds like she's had an amazing time and I wish I had a comparative experience. Not being with her when she found out her A Level results was difficult, but I will be available for reassurance as she considers her options. I arrived at the airport and received a text message to inform that her plane had landed. I still haven't got used to her phone, but being without an iPhone for a fortnight has been enlightening. I'm expecting the next bill to be significantly more than usual, I imagine that the quarterly one will also be more! I was wearing a tuxedo the last time I met her at the Arrival Hall, I considered Spiderman but I figured it was too early for costumes this time. The outcome was the same though as she jumped into my arms when she appeared. Her friends expecting this waited in the background! All of them were covered in henna tattoos, her friend having whiskers and 'Kev' inked across her face. Can't wait to hear the reaction of work colleagues!! I'm disappointed that Vegas didn't materialise this year, but I intend to go abroad next summer whatever the cost!! Just for the henna obviously!
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