Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Facebook Questions

Questions and answers CD2Image via WikipediaFacebook has begun rolling out it's latest feature, Facebook Questions which is a similar concept to those familiar with Yahoo! Answers and Mahalo. It works by allowing users to get answers to their queries from the entire Facebook community. Available on the homepage, with results displayed on our Facebook profiles through a dedicated tab which shows our entire activity. The feature became available to me earlier and through experimenting with the age, I managed to unlock Facebook Questions for other people. Whether this is coincidence, I don't know but it appeared to work! The filter prevents profanity, illiteracy and excessive usage of punctuation from what I have seen but you can still have some fun. I'm sure that once this is made available to the entire Facebook community, that it will become difficult to moderate because there will be hundreds of answers. I'm intrigued about how this will evolve over time but at the moment it just seems to be another lock-in feature that increases the amount of time spent inside the social network!

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