Friday, August 20, 2010

Reach Those Notes

Crowd The Script Live Concert @ Den Atelier Lu...Image by Kmeron via Flickr
The Album Chart Show showcases the biggest and best album releases from the UK Top 100 Album Chart and also gives up-and-coming talent a chance to make their mark. Through Eventbrite I secured tickets for the show, which is recorded in front of a live audience in London's historic music venue KOKO. I have attended the show several times this year, usually with my partner, and we've made some good friends. I travelled to the show with a friend of the family, he's a great guy and like another brother! The Album Chart Show would be his first experience and the lineup was impressive for his debut, featuring performances from Klaxons, N*E*R*D, The Script and The Hoosiers. I watched N*E*R*D and The Script perform in 2008, Brixton Academy was the venue, and that was a memorable night. This would prove to be another great occasion, especially as there were a few friends attending!

N*E*R*D started proceedings and although new material received a mixed reaction, the classic tracks got everyone involved. I love the stage presence of Pharrell Williams, he's great entertainment value! Moving his head and teasing the crowd with gestures and attitude. The Hoosiers and The Script were equally impressive, The Man Who Can't Be Moved is a crowd favourite, everyone sung loudly and cheered. None more so than a fan with an Irish flag on the second tier, not sure what she had written on her t-shirt but we presumed it to be the name of someone important! The Klaxons headlined the show, when they took to the stage the possibility of not making the final train increased considerably but we weren't bothered. We were joined by my partners sister, passing through Camden because Pretty Reckless had finished earlier than she had expected. The Klaxons were immense, we positioned ourselves directly down the front stage area and proceeded to clamber over people and dance like the night depended on it!

As expected we missed the final train, night buses are always good fun though! We arrived at Trafalgar Square and quickly made friends; a gay couple who were in the mood to party and Laurel and Hardy. The gay couple were great fun, joining us upstairs to sing, dance and talk about London and their travels around the World. Laurel and Hardy on the other hand weren't seeing eye-to-eye, largely due to the fact that a five song play list emitting from a mobile phone wasn't considered easy listening! Apparently there are only a handful of people that can reach certain notes, I met one of them tonight! The journey was good fun, I don't think there was a dull moment once. Due to the time, I decided that my partners sister should crash at mine for the night. My mother wasn't impressed, demanding to know who I had brought home whilst my partner was on holiday. I slept in my brothers room and wasn't exactly the perfect host because I awoke at midday, leaving her to read through 44 pages of Mathilda. Great night though!! :P If you're able to experience The Album Chart Show, you won't be disappointed. I hope that Leeds won't signal the end of this....
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