Sunday, August 08, 2010

I'll Have A Brasilian

Viva BrasilHernán Maglione via FlickrGuanabara is London’s largest Brazilian late night venue. The name Guanabara comes from the Tupi-Guarani language name for the famous bay in Rio de Janeiro, the gateway to Brazil and a home of blazing extremes. After learning that I hadn't received Jobseekers Allowance, the night wasn't looking too good! This only provided a minor setback because I was soon on the train with my friend. The evening was humid, returning home briefly to collect supplies intensified the heat considerable. We arrived in London and attempted to navigate quickly through Covent Garden to the venue, unfortunately arriving after the free entry period. I hold up my hands!! After coughing up the entrance fee, climbing the stairs and making our way inside, we noticed our friend wearing an exotic feather headdress standing with her brothers. She looked spectacular, celebrating her birthday she made sure that she would receive maximum attention. We occupied the smoking area for the majority of the night, my friend knew the doorman, who strangely couldn't remember anything from his past. The venue is a hot spot for Hen Party's, every group that introduced themselves was either involved with a party or were the bride-to-be. As the night progressed, we opted for a brief interlude at the local supermarket, cheaper than the bar, before heading back to the venue. Quite what happened to my friend, I'm not sure but I ended up with a group of Asian guys, playing truth-or-dare and dancing on the table. That's how I roll but thankfully I was able to escape to answer a telephone call before anything else happened. I ventured outside, away from the loudness and the 'paparazzi'; earlier I posed for some eerie photos with this excitable group. The telephone call was from my partner, she was nearby, involved in an evening with her friends. We decided to meet and travel home together, unsure where my friend was this seemed like a sensible option. Especially as he becomes narcoleptic after a few drinks and sleeps anywhere! Our rendezvous was amusing because she was with several friends and they had decided to leave because a postcard stand had fallen on them. Only in London!!

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