Saturday, October 16, 2010

All Falls Down

Miniature Food- Rainbow Gingerbread HouseImage by Stephanie Kilgast via Flickr
I started today by falling out of bed, it wasn't a defining image and neither was the huge bruise that appeared on my thigh. Admittedly it hurt and I felt like crying but I was unable to sleep because I had visitors heading to Leeds. My brother and the children were on route, I was excited because they were the first to travel from home to my Gingerbread house in the North. It's a shame that Sugarwell Court isn't made of gingerbread, instead the flat smells more like an Indian restaurant.

Not that they noticed because they were more interested in the grand tour; the bedroom, the kitchen, the corridor, toilet and shower area. This is what the eldest sibling and father of two children now refers to as home, for the next six months anyway! It was brought to my brothers attention that he had misplaced his valuable items, including his wallet, at a service station but thankfully the satchel had been handed in and held for him to collect on the homeward journey.

With limited lasting appeal to be found at Sugarwell Court, we headed to explore the universities and city centre. I enjoyed watching as the children ran amok through the library, that was my favourite! Afterwards we visited the museum, the children* created a swastika from one of the interactive sessions and then learnt about animals. We were then treated to a meal and joined by my partner who provided a tour of her accommodation. There weren't enough hours in the day sadly and the departure was really difficult. Both children had tried to keep it together but it was a mutual outpouring of emotion at the end! I think even my brother got caught up in the moment but he remained composed. I reassured the children that I would see them soon. As the car drove away, I watched as my son, who was staring directly at me, turned from a quivering bottom lip into a face that broke my heart. Tears streaming down my face, I ran through the streets again questioning whether university was the right decision!
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