Saturday, October 02, 2010

Who's House?

Run's HouseImage via Wikipedia
Run's House is an MTV reality series. It shows the family life of rapper and hip-hop music pioneer Joseph Simmons, also known as Rev Run. Since arriving in Leeds, I have been excited about experiencing Rev Run's Halo nightclub appearance as a guest DJ.

I frequently watch the reality show along with my partner, who was equally enthusiastic about the performance. Halo is a 1600 capacity, refurbished church and genius that Reverend Run, a practicing minister, was booked to entertain students. My partner hasn't been well recently, the lively dance floor then wasn't very inviting, especially as the venue was at capacity. Instead we occupied the seated area, gaining an impressive viewpoint, away from the pushing and stray arms that always knock drinks out of your hand.

The anticipation was building, the DJ setting the tempo impressively for the introduction of Rev Run who displayed all the charisma reminiscent from his Run DMC heyday. He jumped around on stage and interacted with the crowd, the DJ set accompanied his vocals, crowd taunting and playing through the Run DMC back catalogue which delighted everyone in attendance. We didn't stay until the end but witnessed enough to appreciate one of the founders and most influential acts in the history of hip hop! Halo was well and truly Run's House for the evening!

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