Friday, October 15, 2010

How Do You Eat Yours?

saucepanImage by Leo Reynolds via Flickr
I attempted to get back into the action last night, firstly pre-drinks at a house party, followed by the standard Thursday misdemeanor's with the usual suspects. Obviously hypothetically, Thursday afternoon ends our studies for the week so we're committed to the nightlife! The night provided a decent distraction, I knew that my partner, who was with her sister, wasn't feeling well so my mind was elsewhere. At the house party, I made a delightful friend and I'm surprised that he didn't get injured the way he threw himself into photography. I made sure to keep distance, being in close proximity meant that you were in the blast area! Teknicolor couldn't be any further from the Indie scene, but it's a great night and could even be declared a bonding exercise! I enjoyed the night but when I got the call that my partner was home I headed back to watch a movie in her company. I couldn't be bothered with the washing up so ate from a saucepan which I think should be an institution! How can you be a student and not complete this accolade?!
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