Monday, October 18, 2010

Lost Points

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Last night we attended a house party, the occasion was to celebrate a friends birthday. He's living at a different Halls of Residence, walking wasn't an option, instead we travelled by taxi to the location. Admittedly we could have arrived earlier but we made a notable impression. We started by introducing several recommended tracks from our infinite playlist, the songs are enriched with personal value, deep meaning and build momentum. Shortly after taking over the stereo system; the party emptied and thus signalled the end of the pre-drinks. After obtaining several promotional vouchers that were pinned to the 'noticeboard', we departed for the city centre and hoped to find a place of interest. We were naive because at 1AM on a Sunday evening, it was always going to be touch-and-go but a possibility considering the nightlife in Leeds. Nothing materialised, instead we spent a fortune in McDonalds and retired to watch movies. Leeds lost points, hopefully this will be rectified for future occasions!
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