Sunday, October 24, 2010

Modern Life Is Rubbish

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Attempting to recollect anything from the last few days has been difficult; visited friends, friends visited, further home improvements and I had to work for the university. The previous sentence provided an overall summary, the real story is a complete blur, the events started in Mint on Tuesday Thursday, and progressed at a steady pace. The Year of the Consulship of Hadrianus and Caesar, the emergence of Facebook in new circles and the cat macros appearing as intricate side stories. Bree Tanner has nothing on the short second life of our misdemeanors! With a disrupted sleeping pattern, working for the university was, as expected, very difficult but thankfully bearable. I was based at Broadcasting Place, the recipient of the 2010 Best Tall Building in the World award, providing assistance for the Civic Quarter campus tour. Through the role I made a few friends, also studying at Leeds Met, one even a third year on my course. Although I spent the weekend with them, I refuse to apply the predictable cliche of name checking for the sole purpose of adding on Facebook. That said, it would have been useful having the services of a media and popular culture veteran to assist with my studies! Saturday was an experience, we rearranged the furniture, decorating the surfaces with everything that usually occupies the floor. It reminded me of being a child when we used to pretend that the floor was water. SHARK!! Being a mature student is going well for me in case you didn't know already :)
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