Sunday, October 31, 2010

Once Upon A Dream..

Snow WhiteImage by joedawson via FlickrThe adventures in Newcastle are to be continued... We enjoy the city too much, the [birthday] reunion didn't have Carnage like last year but it wrote it's own chapter in folklore. I was up early on Saturday morning like a child at Christmas, hardly able to contain the excitement I decided to head into town and pay bills, purchase plimsolls and return with McDonalds! An emphatic start, although our engines then stalled until the afternoon. A letter of apology was issued from 'cat girl', following her antics at the house party. I don't think she really needed to apologies as she was one of the highlights! It's a shame that the Guiness Book of Records weren't present when we ate lunch at a Chinese as we consumed the fastest all-you-can-eat meal ever. This was largely due to the happy hour/pricing applied! With hunger locked away, we returned to the house that my partner's cousin shares with friends. The place is incredible, spacious and features a scenic balcony, every essential necessary for student accommodation! Drinking games were introduced, I wasn't familiar with the rules but had a fair attempt before the taxis arrived to take everyone to Digital, Newcastle. The night was running smoothly until security nearly derailed everything. Confusion over the queues meant that I was banished! I returned after an interlude to permit everyone on my guest list entry to the nightclub through an alternative route. Brains triumphs over brawn! What made the charade even better was that I used the iPhone as a form of identification, Facebook profiles are now accepted, who knew?! The night was incident free until the journey home, I would have enjoyed revisiting the town but reminiscing at the end of the night was special. Especially as we were in good voice! Arriving back at the house, we were greeted by a wrestling free-for-all taking place. Not sure what started the spectacle but it provided entertainment value until the early hours. Another great weekend, let's do it more often...
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