Sunday, January 30, 2011

Changing Rooms

tolet+mp5Image by MP5_ via FlickrHeaded to Propaganda last night to meet potential house mates for the second year at university. Many people still wonder why I won't be living with my girlfriend, especially as we have proved that we can and where I have built up a strong friendship with her flatmates. I would have liked to but being at university isn't like owning a house together. Having a space here would have many advantages, adding numbers to the group, the additional space and because university work will be more important. Anyway, the girls I met tonight seemed okay, interaction was positive but first impressions are always different when you're on a night out because it's not like people see you at your best, or maybe they do?! They don't have anywhere lined up yet but I'm hoping to live close to my girlfriend and the others. We'll see how everything takes shape over the next few weeks but I have an idea and I'm hoping this aligns with their expectations...
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