Monday, January 10, 2011

Fly On The Wall

Miley Cyrusbenyupp via Flickr
We had every intention of leaving for Leeds early, but there were several obstacles that prevented our departure. To be fair it made for an entertaining afternoon/evening! Forget Sarah Marshall, I forget keys, the Xbox console and most importantly to visit a petrol station before the car ran out of juice! Thankfully everything occurred without even leaving the postal area which meant that we were rescued with minimal drama.

Running through the streets with my son to meet my father was the most exercise I have had in a while, he still somehow thinks he's faster than me even when he's a fair distance behind?!

We arrived in Leeds around midnight, drained from the journey and retired to bed. After the Christmas break we were desperate for supplies and headed into town with friends to purchase essentials. Quite where a sword and a bad habit from Miley Cyrus found it's way into the shopping bag I don't know! It amazes me how these items are available over the counter. The items announced our return to Leeds and somehow I even managed to 'fall down' the back of the sofa which was an unusual experience! The second semester doesn't start for a few weeks, but there's revision and essays that need to be handed in before then...