Thursday, January 06, 2011

Got Something To Put In You

Leicester Square, London c.1880 looking north ...Image via Wikipedia
There wasn't any real planning behind our journey to London this evening, Camden Town was the intended destination to attend a free gig but instead Soho took centre stage. The objective was to spend some time together and see if anything caught our attention. 

Like magpies we searched for treasures! First was an intriguing gay bar, the venue had fantastic decor but we got the feeling we were distracting the divas and left the scene. Walking through Soho, we found the temptation to browse a sex shop too hard to resist! It was educational, but a lot of information for one night!! There were a range of costumes, toys and other paraphernalia available, I eventually left the scene making sure that everything was still intact. We danced down Regent Street and collected an interesting memento, eventually finding our way to Leicester Square to share cocktails until close! The area is undergoing reconstruction for the Olympics, not sure which event will be taking place there to be honest :) I'm looking forward to the Games and have offered my services should I be required!
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