Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tonight's the Kind of Night

Noah and the WhaleImage by Jason Persse via FlickrI have been fortunate to experience many amazing nights through entering competitions. Tonight it was someone else's turn to savour the moment, fortunately I was still able to attend as I received an invitation from the winner! The competition, hosted by Xfm and Windows® Phone 7, entitled the 'Windows Phone Superfan' to a HTC 7 Mozart®, Noah and the Whale tickets for The Relentless Garage, London performance, five copies of their album and the chance to meet and interview the band! A decent return and I'm grateful for being invited to attend the event and meet them. To be fair I could have passed as the 'Superfan', the curly hair and tight fitting clothes being distinctive, but their style was a grade above mine! The night was great fun and I'm excited to receive a copy of their new album which will be released soon.

Afterwards we travelled to Elephant & Castle for the Skins Tour 2011, I haven't been that impressed with the series and was even less impressed with the event. The place wasn't even close to capacity and I couldn't find the atmosphere anywhere. Several Polska gentlemen added some much needed venom into the mosh pit which provided brief amusement. Decided that it wasn't worth staying until the end and having to catch a night bus home, and promptly headed for the exit. Expected more but can't complain too much, especially after spending the majority of the evening in the company of Noah and the Whale.. L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N
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