Sunday, January 09, 2011

Gone South

CNV00035.JPGImage by katie coleslaw via FlickrI last visited Brighton to attend the Great Escape Festival, last night was only a brief visit but it was for a good reason! My sister's 25th birthday celebration, which started in Bexleyheath and finished in Brighton. The preparation couldn't be faulted as she had planned well, making sure that everyone was at the Wrong'Un on time for the pre-booked coach. The journey South required several stops, with everyone consuming vast quantities of alcohol this was essential or there would have been consequences! The original plan was to attend Oceana but several people were underage so instead Tru was the alternative. It was a decent venue with plenty of space and room to dance! I had a bromance there with one of my sister's friends, I have known him a while and our conversation was entertaining, especially over a fishbowl. Sadly he was removed from the venue before the end of the night but afterwards we all met up outside for the journey home, which wasn't as intense as earlier! It was great to see so many people make an appearance for my sister's birthday and she had a night to remember!
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