Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thin Ice And Hot Water

Shy FXCover of Shy FXFollowing circumstances beyond his control Shy FX sadly cancelled his previous date at The Faversham, Leeds in November last year. However he returned last night and albeit for the queue, we would have surely experienced an amazing night! Instead - because of the before mentioned queue and the capacity of The Faversham - we chose The Terrace Bar, Leeds University Student Union. An alternative to what Leeds Met provide for their students but on a larger scale. Definitely impressed and we're sure to find our way back here soon! Fab Cafe was next on the agenda and here our combined efforts concentrated on consuming sugar more than alcohol, this was due to the amount of sweets available behind the bar?!

The finale was at Bar Red, admittedly it was difficult to work out the male to female ratio here and there were dramatic scenes before the night concluded! We were enjoying the setting when our group attracted unnecessary attention when attempting to contain a disagreement. The situation escalated and after handbags and 'pushing' everyone departed the scene before the final bell! Disappointing scenes but an enjoyable night wasn't to be overshadowed! Today ice skating was the main attraction at the Ice Cube – the UK's largest temporary ice skating rink. The riff raff from the previous night were there, and in larger numbers, but seeing them in the daylight I didn't consider them a threat as they were only a few years older than my children. This meant that I was able to receive coaching on how to skate properly by my girlfriend. The lesson was a huge success, and I feel close to becoming an accomplished ice skater. I'm still not near her level of expertise, her swan dive was both daring and courageous! The only downside was that the skates provided were really uncomfortable, we'll be limping for a week but it was worth it!

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