Saturday, January 22, 2011


Nike shoes.Image via WikipediaAfter I had finished the media history exam, I was relieved and with a celebratory drink scheduled I anticipated a good night ahead! The only downside was that one of our flat mates intended not to participate in the spectacle. This was primarily because he had an exam the following morning, but with relatively minimal persuasion, he abandon his revision and actually set the pace for the evening! Obviously not content with doing anything by halves! I'm surprised he made it out the door.. The night proved to be a success and we returned home later to continue the entertainment! This lasted the duration and when daylight broke through the curtain, I retired with the intention to take our friend to his exam. There wasn't really much time to sleep but managed to have about an hour before the alarm sounded. I expected everyone to still be awake but when I entered the room there were three people in bed and the person taking the exam was out for the count on the floor!

I called to him several times, some how the response came from another voice in the bed. The alternative was to stand him up and walk him to the car. This worked in practise but once in the lift I realised that he wasn't wearing any shoes, through uncontrollable laughter I managed to get him back inside and fully clothed! After a brief interlude, we were on our way, arriving twenty minutes late for his exam. I headed back to our accommodation and he returned several hours later, having fallen asleep on a bus. I feel more confident about my exam now after this master class but I have a suspicion that this will be the last time he makes an appearance in university for a while. By midday we were all in various recovery positions! Having made earlier arrangements to travel back to London for the week, I underestimated the time and managed to miss the coach home. Nandos cushioned the blow but paying twice wasn't what the budget ordered!! 

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