Sunday, January 23, 2011

Waiting For A Coach..

InceptionImage by Profound Whatever via FlickrYou're waiting for a coach, a coach that will take you far away. The method we used to guarantee that we didn't miss our rearranged reservation home, was to stay awake all night and decorate our accommodation. Unorthodox but this proved to be effective and very productive, the place required a fresh makeover! We still nearly missed the coach, probably because we were collecting fruit from the market.

I feel like Dom, that's Dom Cobb for anyone that hasn't seen Inception, still recovering from a deep subconscious level (limbo) where I'm losing grip on reality and could be trapped indefinitely! The journey was standard but longer than expected. Eventually arriving home, I met the children and my sister. For the majority of the evening we played video games, later joined by my girlfriend who joined in the entertainment. Really need some new games, especially with Boy's birthday approaching! Any suggestions?!
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