Friday, August 24, 2007

Counting sheep

One things for sure about farming life is that it's good that my boy doesn't live on one as he would go missing every day. He's adventurer ways really got the better of him as he could hardly contain himself. The journey there went quite quick even though we were running late and got caught in traffic. We eventually got there and after going slightly off course and being met locally we arrived at the farm. It seems well chilled here and the isolation and open space is something we wouldn't mind. After catching up and having something to eat we headed out in two groups. One to see the pony and the other group to see the Quad which my boy was relishing.

We were all whipping about, even the baby was loving it as well. My girl let off the loudest screams of the day though as I let her take the throttle and she was a screamer haha. You must have been able to hear her for miles around haha! We headed back in after a while and chatted and I set up a Facebook profile for my father and then due to the time we headed off to the bank. Was a hectic afternoon from here as we headed to Bromley to get my girl some clothes and failed there as nothing really good about and then headed to my children's mums to drop them off and finally home to get ready to go out...

Was too much fun for my girl as she was all farmed out and counting sheep at the end of it all!!