Friday, March 12, 2010

..Falling With Style

Ice SkatingImage by joedawson via Flickr
I promised the children several weeks ago that we would experience the thrill of ice skating together for the first time. Tonight presented the ideal opportunity and after we met my partner and left a personal message from them to her sister we headed to the Ice Bowl in Gillingham. Friday at the Ice Bowl is the Junior Disco, basically skating to music which is played through the sound system.

Although I felt that my son would become disinterested, he gave ice skating a good effort and as the evening progressed he became more confident. My daughter was strong from the offset, especially as she skated in the opposite direction to everyone else!! She reminded me of the character Helena Bonham Carter plays in Fight Club navigating through the traffic. Not that I can be critical as I borrowed from Buzz Lightyear "..falling with style!" My partner had obvious experience, backwards skating, travelling at speed and although I attempted to compete, I just went into the barriers!!! Afterwards we liaised with her sister and the night progressed from there into fancy dress and party games...


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