Monday, March 15, 2010

London Beckoned Songs About Money

London Eye & Southbank - London after Dark seriesImage by theboybg via Flickr
I travelled into Central London today, the objective to take the job search mobile. I expected this to provide significantly more opportunities but instead I spent the majority of time applying for roles through the iPhone. The battery life on the handset isn't the greatest and I soon reached the 20% remaining milestone. Can that even be referred to as a milestone?!

I visited a few agencies but wasn't overly confident anything would materialise from the conversations. I covered a decent distance and obtained a detailed list of recruitment agencies in the area which was useful. I'm probably going to commit to applying for roles via the Internet for the foreseeable future as I receive more feedback and agencies appear to favour this method!! I retired for the afternoon after strolling down the Southbank consumed by thoughts of summer and the desire to secure another role quickly...

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