Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Location Based Camping

google was here?Image by gigaman via Flickr
I'm considering travelling the country to attend several festivals this year, in fact I'm going to them all, every last one of them needs attention. At festivals it would be an injustice not to participate in camping, I have envisioned that it's probably going to be difficult to locate every temporary living accommodation at each location.

Here's the proposition, the Google Maps navigation points, I need life-sized versions of those for assistance although I suspect that will be an attractive acquisition for the opportunist camper. I can imagine walking a distance, only for the conclusion to be another site or the toilets!

"I thought we were camping in the red area"
On the subject of location, Google has been awarded a patent on location-based advertising. Now anyone who wants to add GPS-based relevance to their mobile ads will likely have to go through Google. Hopefully that will be applied before the festivals, especially considering I will have on my possession a life-sized navigation point for convenience! Anyway, more on that in another post!

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