Friday, March 05, 2010

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

relationshipImage by joedawson via Flickr
The Facebook relationship status, how much can we read into it's significance? It's almost become a passive-aggressive way to define that you’re ready to become exclusive, to announce to your friends followers that you’re off the market! So does it make it more real if it appears on Facebook? I have had a relationship that’s gone in the opposite direction so I could be apprehensive but I feel comfortable to announce to my network that I have met someone that makes me really happy.

Love 2.0 is the definition of love told through the medium of Web 2.0 services. I believe that not enough is known about this to be able to present what the social norms should be but for many people, the manner in which they present themselves on Facebook has come to mirror how they see themselves in real life. Admittedly 'It's Complicated' only indicates that you should consider reflection instead of announcing that there's uncertainty involved.

The social network helps us connect and share with the people in our lives. Providing the functionality to distribute every aspect of our lives through Photos, Videos, Status Updates, Imported Items, Groups and Pages. I don't share the view that the relationship is not legitimate if it's not announced on Facebook, if you're comfortable and want to share your commitment then it serves a purpose. Beats the usage of a group text message to announce to your close friends that your expecting another child! I heard about this recently and there's an opportunity for Facebook here, although I truly hope it's not considered!!


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