Monday, March 08, 2010

We're All Monkeys, What's On Your Mind?

FacebookImage by Balakov via Flickr
I'm sure that most people have encountered an array of experiences online, especially considering that many of us maintain an online presence. Facebook hosts over 400 million active users, that's more than I can count and for the majority - everyone they know uses the social network.

Considering the amount of hours that people spend interacting with peers on Facebook, the impact our online actions have affect those offline. I have written about relationships recently but Facebook applies a layer across our many social connections. It has become the default social network and integral to how people conduct themselves.
Rather than making phone calls to see how everyone is doing, it can be a lot easier to check one's Facebook status, read their Wall, and see what other friends of theirs are saying. And when we do meet face to face, we can reference what we've seen on Facebook, instead of starting with an empty slate.(
Not everyone shares the same views on what should be the social norms, how we should behave and how much information we should share online. The requirement to constantly update our friends, family and fans with our latest actions. It's a process that has become too automated and we're spending more time online than ever. Are we eventually going to reach the point where we are slaves of both technology and our own base appetites, and lose what makes us human. Just like how humans are portrayed in WALL•E, the 2008 computer-animated science-fiction allegorical romance film produced by Pixar Animation Studios. Quite the mouthful, blame Wikipedia! I'm not an early adopter, trend setter and I don't even have the biggest hair but I think technology has definitely taken away humanity's need to put effort into relationships. We're all monkeys, what's on your mind?


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