Tuesday, March 30, 2010

So Good We Had To Do It Again

Rock Am Ring 2009Image by AutumnCannibalist via Flickr
We travelled to London's Koko in Camden for the Tesco Entertainment Album Chart Show previously to watch performances from JLS, Mika and the Courteeners. On that occasion we made friends and featured on the three televised shows that were shown on T4. Yesterday we returned to the venue for the next installment of the show. Performing were Kate Nash, Sophie Ellis-Bextor and Scouting for Girls, we arrived in 'high spirits' and after a brief interlude and being labelled the 'boost-guy' we made our way to the front. There we found the friends we made previously and the night continued where the last encounter finished.

The host for the evening was Nick Grimshaw, most of the crowd interaction was from a sound engineer who was clearly impressed with our enthusiasm. Kate Nash played a decent set although my partner had hoped that she would play other songs from her previous album. Sophie Ellis-Bextor performed next and played new material, after the set we made our way to the bar area and created an elaborate dance/fight scene which I think confused many revellers in close proximity. Scouting For Girls finished the proceeding and apart from an aggressive group that wanted to pretend we were invisible the night was another success. Outside we entertained Greg Churchouse from Scouting For Girls and our friend met Kate Nash briefly as she exited the venue. We then made our departure like a scene from Free Willy, mandatory McDonald's at Charing Cross and then the final train straight on until morning...

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