Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Where We're Going We Don't Need Wheels

I resigned from work yesterday, I felt that my time at the company had finally met it's conclusion. It was a difficult decision but one that has been on my shoulders for a while. My friend took the same route last year after he became disorientated and advised many times that I should consider the same approach.

Today was that fateful day and I have an empty feeling inside but also relief that I have taken the first steps. I admit that at times I felt disappointed by the direction and that for the last 18 months I haven't really made any significant progression. There were limited opportunities and not enough to feel that I should commit any more time. I want to move into marketing and digital media, distance from a primary role of telephone support and have the opportunity to travel. I'm just hoping that I don't live to regret walking away without another role but I feel this will provide the chance to commit to finding the right position. Thank you Barclays for the last five years, I enjoyed working there and appreciated the support of the people that became my family. I'm sure that we will stay in touch!


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