Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey

PhoenixImage by joedawson via Flickr
Everything is everything and we travelled to Camden Town to watch Phoenix perform at the Roundhouse. From modest Victorian beginnings – as a steam engine repair shed – to legendary cultural venue, the Roundhouse has an enviable heritage few are able to match. Having collaborated with Daft Punk and Air, Phoenix have gained critical acclaim for their fabulous live shows. Their fourth and finest album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, I recommend highly and rate as one of the best released in 2009. This event was always going to be on the agenda and I travelled to the venue with my partner in high spirits.

We're inseparable at the moment and our devotion to the music scene is clearly evident, even though there's a curfew involved that just adds to the enthusiasm and entertainment. Outside the venue we had to meet someone who's phone we had happened across at the Coronet. She was thankful and hoped that good things would happen to us both! I misplaced my driving license over the duration, good times! The venue is impressive, I expected the Roundhouse to be smaller but it's very spacious in the main arena. Disappointed that Two Door Cinema Club weren't the support act but we were entertained by Hudson Mohawke instead. Phoenix eventually took to the stage, silhouetted against a white curtain and opening with Lisztomania the capacity crowd that had been subdued displayed their approval. The band proceeded to perform several tracks from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Love Like A Sunset was emphatic and a stripped down version of Everything is Everything was enjoyable. The highlight was the encore 1901 as Thomas Mars, vocalist for Phoenix, entered the crowd where we were positioned. We held his hand and followed him into the centre stage area, where it went off as the crowd reacted to his presence. Another amazing night with the fairest of them all!!

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