Thursday, June 10, 2010

All-Singing All-Dancing Family Fun!

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I have endured a month of uncertainty surrounding my children, I always felt this was unjust as I don't believe I did anything that deserved the silent treatment. Being the so-called 'fun guy' appears to mean that should I ever need to discipline them, forget it because it's not cool.

Like any father I enjoy having my children; playing, laughing, being affectionate but discipline is also a core aspect of parenting. I love being around them and even though University will create an obstacle, I don't believe it will be too difficult to overcome with the assistance of friends and family! Thankfully I met with them and their mother today to set the record straight! I was presented with another letter, written with the assistance of one of the teachers, it made sense and had a much better approach. This was the point that the first letter should have conveyed! Anyway, from a conversation I had with my daughter it emerged that both children were originally offended because I had referred to them as brats. Their mother laughed and stated that she has often used the term when disciplining the children. Why this escalated to become such an issue is beyond me but I really appreciate the cooperation from the school and their mother in finding a resolution. Move along, nothing to see now...

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