Thursday, June 03, 2010

Lounge in Finsbury Park

Beans on Toast!Image by su-lin via Flickr
I'm really excited about festival season, indoor camping was interesting but I need to survive against the forces of nature. As a Cub Scout I regularly used to go camping; fires, ghost stories and activities were essential for an adventurous child. I still have a book that my mother purchased for me to read whilst away from home. Camping doesn't appear to be that popular anymore, other than at festivals. I headed to Finsbury Park tonight with my partner with the objective to secure tickets for Lounge on the Farm. The event was Lounge On The Farm Music Festival's 5th Birthday Launch Party, hosted at The Silver Bullet, London. Entertainment on the night was from cockney rebels Beans On Toast playing a full band show, and the fresh-faced folk from Gaolers Daughter, all backed up with DJ sets from Goldierocks, Ronnie Joice & LOTF resident DJs. Beans On Toast were great, although members of the crowd appeared preoccupied, this didn't discourage the band. Quite how the accordion player, who clearly enjoyed the alcohol, was able to stand was impressive! A conversation with the organiser provided disappointment though, the event was originally promoted to offer festival tickets to attendees but that arrangement had changed! Instead the revised event will be hosted next month, synchronise watches then...

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