Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Mr. Potato Head and FriendsImage by Ian Muttoo via Flickr
The Wimbledon Championships and rain have long been synonymous with each other, this tournament has fortunately been rain-free and instead basked in glorious sunshine. The conditions have been pleasant, being unemployed has meant that I've been able to watch the sports but also enjoy the weather. 

I hosted a garden party yesterday to relax, drink wine and listen to music. We should consider a siesta during the summer period, would anyone oppose that being introduced? With the recent forecast I was surprised that today started with a downpour, this didn't affect Wimbledon but it meant that the infants sports day was cancelled at the children's school. Attending anything important for the children I value highly, being there for support and participating in the parents race has been a regular fixture on the school calendar. I'm hopeful that the reorganised date won't conflict with any other commitments. 

I collected the children after school and we were joined by my partner who completed her final exam this afternoon. Finishing the school she has attended for the last seven years, meaning she's free, until university in September at least! Following recent dialogue about higher education my daughter expressed her desire to study art, she even provided examples of her recent work which were encouraging. I hope that eventually both children will consider higher education but until then I hope they improve 'hot potato' because I'm unstoppable!!!

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