Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Wanna Be Like You

Meeting at 12pm and dressed in all things weird and wonderful, a carnival of colour, music and fun paraded from the London Eye to Gabriels Wharf on the South Bank to dance by the water and waves. Today the Secret Garden Party hosted the first ever ‘Secret Beach Party' and we went to participate in the action. Described as offering serious 'gorilla' party action there wasn't an indication that King Louie or any of his entourage would make an appearance. I presume that the term was supposed to be guerrilla, unconventional party action, I'm thankful that we didn't arrive dressed as our closest living relatives. Although, the South Bank provides many contributions from a variety of people, concluding that we wouldn't have looked out of place whatever we had worn to the event. The Secret Beach Party provided a glimpse of what to expect from the Secret Garden Party Festival, I definitely want to experience more. Afterwards, covered in glitter and attracting curious glances from tourists, we headed homeward bound for another party. This was a celebration for my father and brother, there was a decent turnout and my children were also involved. Shame that more events like this aren't hosted on a frequent basis because I would like to see more of our relatives! I received a few invitations to events over the summer which should be good though!!

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