Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Talk About An Evolution

The mechanisms behind evolutionImage by Colin Purrington via Flickr
I'm disappointed that we didn't get to attend Evolution Festival this weekend, a music festival held annually in venues across Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Gateshead, England. Although to be fair it was much better to have time alone, indoor camping was also much better than anything Newcastle offered! Live music obviously swings the choice back in favour of Evolution Festival. That reason is enough to increase the employment search, I want to be exposed to more live music! I have been reluctant to succumb to job seekers allowance, purely because I feel like I will be labelled. The last thing I want is to be perceived as milking the benefit system or being comfortable with the circumstance. I apply for work daily and today travelled to the Learning Centre to apply for retail work at Bluewater. I also assisted in updating my partners CV but we were both unlucky on this occasion. I was provided with several contact details which were useful, the search continues..

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