Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Run Home, Jack, Run Home!

I have experienced so much since I was first introduced to my partner in Newcastle, and feel privileged that I have met someone who truly understands value and is an inspiration. I met her during a difficult period, but I now have an incentive and without her I probably wouldn't have considered higher education. Since I started writing, the focus has been building relationships with peers through the Internet, lifestyle choices and popular media. These aren't projects because I write about what's important and use different sources and platforms as reference. Although I have avoided writing anything about my previous relationship, one aspect that I regret is the circumstances surrounding the child. I obviously had to consider everyone involved and how they would be affected but it wasn't easy to distance from a child I had raised. I taught her many things and was fortunate to experience character building and many stages in development. I spoke to her Christmas but at that point the decision had been finalised. Today she celebrates her fourth birthday. I wasn't sure how to respond, especially as I don't want to create an unnecessary situation so I sent a greetings card. I hope she's well and that she enjoys her day, I would like to think that when she's older she will be able to communicate with my children at least. I suspect being young though that we have already been forgotten!
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