Sunday, June 20, 2010

We Don't Have to Tikka Clothes Off

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Although I managed to reach a resolution with my children, I still didn't receive a Father's Day card. Instead they visited after lunch at an Indian Restaurant. The food didn't agree with them because my daughter went home and shortly after arriving my son had an accident. My mother was prepared for the scenario and presented me with a gift for the occasion. I enjoyed the day with my son, following a conversation he assured me that he wouldn't lie but would if his sister was at the same location. Don't know whether that should fill me with confidence but he definitely has a way with words. We played football for a while until my brother and his partner arrived, we both discussed recent festival activity. He went to Download and had every intention to travel to Rock Ness until problems with his employment interfered with arrangements. We're both currently unemployed and I'm worried about the financial strain on our parents. Especially with his situation because he's paying for a mortgage! I don't expect he will be unemployed too long though because he's a skilled professional with qualifications. Father's Day meant that there was a banquet available for everyone, the boy passed which was probably for the best considering! I later returned him home and thankfully my daughter was feeling much better. Let's see what the next week brings! Happy Father's Day everyone!!

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