Sunday, June 06, 2010

Show Me The Monkey

3rd Curious George PosterImage via Wikipedia
Around the world, the adventures of Curious George have been translated in many languages. Although we were evidently feeling the effects of too much 'cream', I felt inadequate compared to a curious monkey named George! The usual remedies followed to eradicate excessive alcohol consumption, these involved sleep and remembering the details from the previous night. We were clearly in demand this afternoon though because several opportunities were presented but it wasn't until the evening that we eventually recovered! This meant that we missed out on sunshine in the secret garden but with a barbecue next on the agenda we promptly awoke from hibernation. The barbecue was to celebrate a friends birthday, it's the first time I have been invited to a formal event with this group. I meet with them in bars and clubs, by chance usually, today I went with my partner and we had a good time. Still reeling from the previous night but the conversation was solid and the haribo Olympics provided next level entertainment! Afterwards we travelled to another friends to finish the night watching movies but sleep was always going to be the main attraction especially as we had only had a few hours!!

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