Friday, April 23, 2010

Reservation With A Chauffeur?

Rat PackImage by Davy D via Flickr
Only a few weeks ago, we were cursing the cold weather and everyone was shivering as Britain was gripped by snow and ice. How quickly seasons change, this week we have had the first real taste of summer and the forecast for the weekend is even better! I relaxed in the garden, sunbathing, streaming music from the Internet and thinking about the next few months. The objective for the evening was to travel to the airport but I completely lost track of the time. I quickly had to iron a shirt, find a suitable tie and make sure the tuxedo was pressed before travelling to Gatwick South Terminal.

I haven't become a chauffeur, I'm sure that professional chauffeurs wouldn't get changed in the short stay car parking area. I arrived at the Arrival Hall with a greeting sign bearing the name of my partner and stood with the other riff-raff waiting for her to appear. I studied their stance, behaviour and held out the greeting sign, I could make a career from this yet! She soon emerged and completely missed where I was positioned but I caught her in my arms when she realised. An Officer And A Gentleman have nothing on this scene; in an International Arrival Hall, Richard Gere I have never touched a Gerbil!! After a conversation we were homeward bound in the knowledge that the suitcases were definitely lighter than originally intended. We arrived home and as I waited for my partner to shower I read the first chapter of Girl with a One-Track Mind, she had recommended the book after reading it on holiday. I admit to feeling aroused afterwards, I could have read more but decided to place the book on the side. The obvious question entered my mind, are all females like the character in the book?

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