Friday, November 19, 2010

And Sleep...

sleepy alreadynotsogoodphotography via Flickr
I have noticed with university, that due to the minimal time that I'm expected to attend lectures and seminars that I'm having motivation issues. I'm told that the workload will increase considerably in the second year and that I should enjoy the night life whilst I can. I just feel too casual and although I have attempted to find work, it's not available in abundance for students. I guess I should follow the advice that I should concentrate on the night life more then! With university finished for another week, we headed out to Mint nightclub yesterday evening. There weren't many people out but we had a decent night until everyone felt sick. Must have been something that we had eaten. A poor attempt at enjoying the night life! The conditions didn't last too long, and we've been unusually productive today and feeling the love. Walking around the city and taking in what's happening around us, instead of sleeping through the duration of the day. My partners flatmates have been keen to visit the Royal Armouries these last few days but that still hasn't materialised. There's always tomorrow..
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