Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hard Act To Follow

Snoh!Image by joedawson via Flickr
Today was the first round of Media Studies presentations. We have been working in small groups, using both the theoretical and conceptual aspects of the course and our own creativity to devise, script and present a national radio advertisement. The concept being for a new television soap aimed at 18-25 year olds to be broadcast on Channel 4. We then have to deliver the advertisement and a power point presentation which presents a production log outlining how the theoretical and conceptual aspects of the course have been used to make the advertisement. The first group set the marker, their work was well presented and organised. Everyone had that look of despair on their faces afterwards, clearly my group isn't the only one with work to do! Unfortunately the second group to present were interrupted by the student protests in Leeds. They battled onwards and finished but they struggled with the distraction outside. I have a few ideas for our advertisement now and will present them to the group at our next meeting. I joined the student protest briefly afterwards but hunger took priority and I left them outside the Gallery. Not sure the protests will make any difference but it's great everyone coming together to show unity against the decision to increase tuition fees.
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