Sunday, November 07, 2010

Murder On The Dance Floor

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The HIFI Club was always going to be special, offering a delectable selection of cross genres including 50's Jump Blues, Latin Boogaloo, Jamaican Ska, Gritty Soul, Fried Funk Breaks and other international oddness. I admit that I was tempted by Propaganda but I really enjoyed the night with my extended family! Sadly, today was their final day in Leeds and they departed once they managed to navigate around the one-way system. A few weeks ago our group intended to participate in Carnage, Leeds but due to limited funds available, I was the only one representing. To be fair this was largely due to working for the promoter! I enjoyed the night but didn't manage to stay the duration because someone threw an ice cube at my face. Maybe I would have seen the funny side, had my nose not been streaming with blood! It wasn't a big look and as the guys I was working with were packing heat I decided to make a beeline for the exit and headed home to eat and complete an essay plan that needs to be handed in tomorrow!
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