Monday, November 08, 2010

Keep Calm & Travel Long Distances

Pridejoedawson via Flickr
I'm currently living in Leeds, studying at Leeds Metropolitan University but I made it clear that whenever there was an important date for my children that I would travel to be there. Today was the first special occasion, my daughter reached her tenth birthday. Quite the milestone - double figures - and I admit that does makes me feel considerably older! What thirty year old student?! Who's that person trying to stay in touch with the cool kids?

I choose the Megabus instead of driving, mainly because inflated petrol prices aren't an attractive alternative. I arrived at the bus station early in the morning and the bus coach arrived approximately thirty minutes later. For the duration of the journey I attempted to read a media book that I had loaned from the Library. This proved to be a difficult task, not the reading per se but how the sentences were constructed. I gave up eventually and figured that sleeping would be wise but the coach was so uncomfortable. I soon arrived at Victoria Coach Station and then caught the train. I was lucky that the children's mother was available, as I met her at the train station and she took me to their school. That was a result because I would have been late otherwise. Today was also the funeral of my cousin, after I collected the children I briefly offered words of condolence at the wake before heading home. Although everyone had experienced an emotional day, once home we celebrated my daughters birthday with presents and a cake. I think that both children were relieved that I had kept the promise to always be there when required. Their also excited for the weekend because I'm returning for a few days! First, the long journey back to Leeds tonight...
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