Saturday, November 13, 2010

Play More

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Open evening was yesterday and I managed to speak to the children's teachers about their work. I was keen to hear about how they were performing at school and how they could improve. I attended with their mother and we both had many questions about the 11-Plus, an exam administered to some students in their last year of primary education. We both feel that our daughter should be considered because she's intelligent and full of ambition. My son is making progress too and doesn't seem to be getting as distracted, although on occasion still acts the class clown. In the evening I travelled to a friends, his Xbox Kinect proved to be a huge success, especially with the children. I think that their Christmas present has been chosen because they were enthusiastic and laughing at every opportunity. I can see this being a success with any family because the entertainment value was available in abundance. Afterwards we collected my partner from her sister's birthday party and all stayed at mine. We awoke to breakfast in bed from the children, providing a reminder of everything before we departed for Leeds. That said, being home not much seems to have changed which is a peculiar feeling because being away I feel so different...
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