Monday, November 15, 2010

Keep The Change

Home Alone | Один домаImage by Anatoly Kraynikov via Flickr
Following on from the previous blog post, I mentioned that I was feeling disillusioned. The siblings still at home rarely leave their bedrooms, interaction under those circumstances is minimal. I have the children but only when I'm  permitted access. I guess I'm actually scared because without my partner and university I would cut a lonely figure. 

I attended a house party on Saturday, although I immediately felt out of place because I didn't really know anyone. Being screamed at didn't help! I felt like Kevin McCallister, reaching the top of the stairs and having placed a tarantula on their face. Although in this instance, I was the unexpected guest. I'm lost in the world, although I know this city and I'm down for the entire weekend. My partner thankfully saved me with those beautiful eyes, I was prepared to walk home but she changed my mind. Revealing her concerns about being divided between two locations. The following day I watched the formula one season finale at my brother's place. He's been great these last few months, and one of the only people to fully understand how difficult it's been. We were both happy that Alonso didn't win the championship. The final day in London today and after saying farewell to the children, it's time to head back to Leeds...
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