Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Nothing To See?!

Geologist examining cuttings from wildcat well...Image by The Library of Congress via FlickrI spend a reasonable amount of time in the company of my partner and her flat mates, forging strong relationships with them as they're on the same wavelength. Trying to keep the flat clean and in a good condition takes a combined effort because mess builds up quickly. Today marked the first round of term inspections, the communal areas would be graded and to ensure that the flat passed the inspection there was a list presented on the criteria that should be adhered to. We had previously removed all the posters from the walls and cleaned most of the front room but there was still a considerable amount of washing up when I arrived after lectures. I managed to work through this quickly and shortly afterwards the inspectors arrived and the flat was awarded a pass certificate. Amazing considering the mess that was visible a few days earlier, cleaning the hob with vinegar and water was definitely a well discovered remedy as I don't think the flat would have passed then. Not sure when the next inspection is scheduled but we have already started redecorating with a second wave of posters and flyers!!
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